Higaonna Sanchin

  To begin, slowly slide the right foot forward in an arc into right Sanchin Dachi, while inhaling and executing Morote Chudan Yoko Uke, exhaling as the block is completed. Pull the left fist into the chambered position, inhaling, Then slowly execute a Chudan Tsuke while exhaling. Then, inhale and perform a kake Uke, exhaling as it is completed.
  Next, slide the left foot into left Sanchin dachi and perform the same sequence using the opposite hands. Then, slide the right foot into right Sanchin Dachi and chamber the left hand while inhaling. Look to the right and slide the left fist over to the right elbow while exhaling, then cross the right leg over the left into Bensoku Dachi and execute a 180 degree turn to the left, ending up in left Sanchin Dachi with the right hand chambering while inhaling.
  Perform the same punch/block combination and then repeat the same sequence stepping and alternating sides three times, ending up in right Sanchin Dachi. Perform the 180 degree turn into left Sanchin Dachi followed by a punch/block combination. Next, step forward into right Sanchin Dachi and perform the punch, but instead of ending in Kake Uke, open both hands and face the palms up, inhaling as you go, and then, while exhaling, turn both hands palms-down executing a Morote Nukite. Next, execute a Morote Tsukami Hiki, inhaling and closing the fists as they are brought back into chamber.
  Continue by opening both hands and performing another Morote Nukite with the same breathing techniques, followed by the Morote Tsukami Hiki, then repeat the combination once more, ending with one final Morote Nukite.
  Stepping backwards into left Sanchin Dachi, perform a Tora Guchi. Yame.