Hojo Undo

  Hojo Undo are supplementary exercises that develop and condition the body with the use of training aids. They are specifically designed to enhance the self-defense techniques learned in the Goju-Ryu system. The following are some examples of the equipment and their use.


  The chishi is a concrete or stone weight at the end of a wooden handle. It is mainly used to strengthen the grip, as well as the joints of the elbows, wrists and shoulders. The exercises develop the muscles used in blocking, striking and grappling techniques.

Nigiri Game

  These are gripping jars, usually made of clay with a rim around the top to grip with the fingers. Sand can be added to increase the weight of the jars. They can be substituted with a common glass or mason jar for the same effect. Gripping these jars increases the strength of the fingers for gripping and tearing applications.


  A makiwara is a striking post, with a straw, cloth or rubber pad for contact padding. It is constructed of either a combination of 2X4's or a 4X4 tapered off at the top. It is used to condition the striking surfaces of the body and perfect striking techniques and kime.


  This is a stone padlock resembling the shape of an old-fashioned clothes iron. It's is used for strengthening the arms and wrists.


  This resembles a barbell, usually made of wood with weights on the ends. It is usually rolled over the forearms and back, or twisted over the hips. It strengthens and conditions the affected areas.


  This is a bundle of bamboo sticks taped together at the ends, and is used for nukite practice and conditioning.

Jari Bako

  This is just a box or bowl filled with sand, beans, gravel or similar material. Fingers are thrust into it to toughen the hands.

Tetsu Geta

  These are iron clogs, used to strengthen kicking techniques.


 nbsp;This is a very heavy rectangular hoop, used alone or with a partner. It is used to strengthen the body and condition for contact.

Sashi Ishi

  A short wooden handle with a stone weight in the center.

Makiage Kigu

  This is a wrist roller, a wooden handle with a weight hung in the center on a rope. You twist the handle and wrap the rope onto it, raising and lowering the weight, and strengthening the wrists and grip.


  These are basic dumbells, and their use is much like modern weightlifting exercises, with the same results.

  These are the traditional implements used by Goju Ryu practitioners as supplemental exercises. There are also modern devices that can be incorporated into training to strengthen and condition the body. Some examples are heavy bags, medicine balls, and various weight training apparatus and free weights.